The World Next Door is free on the Epic Games Store!

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Hey, hello there. As the tittle says The World Next Door is free until November 26th on the EGS ladies and gentlemen!

The World Next Door is a narrative-driven, action-adventure game that follows Jun, a rebellious teen girl trapped in a parallel world inhabited by magical creatures. Inspired by the emotional storytelling and thrilling action of both anime and indie games, players can expect to meet and develop friendships with an eclectic cast of characters while uncovering the mysteries hidden within this world.

Outside of the art style, The World Next Door feels generic and doesn’t do enough to make the adventure feel exciting. I expected something to pay off in the long run, whether it was the story, my choices, or time I spent with characters, but I instead ended the game saying, “That’s it?” It made me feel like I wasted my time getting to know this world and the people who inhabit it.

Nonetheless worth giving it a try since it's currently free to keep on the Epic Games Store!


Stay safe people and take care!

Also i higly encourage you to check out the current EGS freebies

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