Season 5 is coming to Street Fighter V

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Season 5 is coming to Street Fighter V!

To celebrate the upcoming Season 5 coming to Street Fighter V, we’ve partnered with Capcom to run a giveaway where prestige Alienware Arena members will be able to claim a Steam key of Street Fighter V on Alienware Arena from February 12!

Also join Ernie at 1:00 PM ET on February 12 via to get a taste of Street Fighter V and enter the ring to battle with him or other Arena members!  And thanks to our friends at Capcom, he’ll raffle out more game codes during the livestreamwink

Win your Street Fighter V Steam key from Alienware Arena or from Ernie and check out the upgrade purchase options below:

Note: Season Pass contents will be released beginning February 22, 2021. Please check official Capcom channels for content details and schedule.


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Wait, we can grab Street Fighter V from Alienware?!! Holy crap!! I'm hyped up!