Join our Discord Q&A session this Wednesday

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In case you missed our big announcement a few days ago, we're thrilled to announce that we're adding our first AMD-based laptop in over a decade to the Alienware lineup. Since the announcement, we've seen tons of questions from across the community, and to answer them, we're hosting a Q&A Session with AMD this Wednesday, from 3-4PM ET on our Discord server. 

Join us for a conversation with our Alienware m15 Ryzen Edition R5 Planner, Gustavo Soares, and AMD Global Marketing Manager, Don Woligrosky, and ask your burning questions about the upcoming m15 Ryzen edition R5. 

We'll be opening the discussion thread (#ryzen-R5-q&a) starting tomorrow morning, so be sure to join the Discord server and get those questions in.

See you Wednesday!

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Gonna try and make it, but I have another engagement so I'm going to try to end that early. However, my question is simple, how are you going to manage the GPU chip shortage and having enough new computers that have top level graphics?

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Hello! Thank you for info! I will try to join, Have a good day! :)

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I bought an Alienware Area 51 back in 2005. I still use it. No other computer can match it for longevity.