Here is how GTA San Andreas Remaster MOD look like

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We are still waiting for the official confirmation of the news that remasters of old GTA games are in development, But that’s pretty likely because Take Two and Rockstar have started to fight against the unofficial "remasters" of these GTA games.


For some time now, there have been mods that insert city maps from previous GTA games into GTA 5. Now such mods have been banned from distribution

An example of one such mod was demonstrated a month ago, but as advanced as these mods may seem at first, they could actually create the wrong vision of an official remaster that will reportedly not run on the same engine as GTA 5 but on Unreal Engine.

This is just a mod and not official representation of how GTA San Andreas remastered will look like so keep that in mind.


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Unreal engine is insane im so excited for the future! This looks amazing 


Heh, the car in front was slightly floating at 0:23

Honestly, the mod looks great. Since a lot of people loved San Andreas, I'm sure a lot would love that mod 'remaster'. I also wouldn't be surprised if they're planning to make a remaster. I wonder how that would go. It's been so long since the last GTA release that people are making remasters :v


It looks good! Hope they actually do it, I have so many good memories playing GTA SA!