Hello from your new Global Site Manager!

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Hey Everybody! I wanted to take a minute and introduce myself. As you may have seen already, I'm Jon, the new Alienware Arena Global Site Manager! I'm super excited to be here and figured you all would like to know a little bit about me, so here we go:

Favourite Games Series:

  • Elder Scrolls
  • Pokemon
  • The Witcher
  • Diablo
  • Halo 

(Can you tell I like RPGs?)

First Game:

Technically it was probably the Paratrooper game on our Tandy Color (Good ol' TRS-80 lol) but the first game I remember actually like picking out for myself as a kid was Sim Farm haha. It came on like 6 floppy disks and I thought that was huge at the time. First real like game I fell in love with though was Diablo 2

First PC:

Other than that TRS-80 I just mentioned, the first computer that was actually mine was a custom built AMD Athlon 1 Ghz Thunderbird tower. It was beige and boxy, but I thought it was so cool. Since then I have built a LOT of PCs so don't worry, I've learned a lot since then. I am a huge hardware geek so getting to work with Alienware now is a dream come true!

Other Stuff:

Other than purely play games, some of my other hobbies include podcasting, streaming, woodworking, traveling, and hanging out with my 3 kids!

If there's any other questions you're dying to ask - like why I spell it "favourite" just reply down below! And I'd love to get to know more about all of you, so tell me about yourselves, what you're playing, or whatever's going on! 

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Hi Jon!

Normally this sort of stuff gets posted here: 


And/or gets a highlight on the homepage, so you might want to move this to where more people will see it.  (I only saw it because I followed your name link from Amy's arrivederci post, and noticed you had this post in your profile.)

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welcome and fyi i still have my old t-bird athlon system in the closet. coolest thing ever back in the day. still works. 

my first pc gaming was on apple 2 series and commodore 64's in high school. 

currently on my r10  with 3080 and 5800x.

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Welcome, Jon!

I had a highly modified TRS-80 with a big a$$ external peripheral interface box (80's Desktop PC sized) that my best friend had gifted me as my introduction to computers.  It had 2 - 5.25 floppy drives (Single-sided, double-density if I remember correctly.) and a small capacity - 70Meg I think, but huge dimension wise - 1.5" tall or so, by 5.25" hard drive. - No cassette tape (data) drive required! - It was absolutely the best thing since sliced bread!  I don't have it anymore, and I can't for the life of me remember what I did with it.

One of the first games I remember playing was one of the very first in the "Leisure Suit Larry" series. <grins>  I wasn't very good at the 'command line' style games though. - 'Move left', 'Pick up sword', 'Clime stairs', etc.  I always had a hard time figuring out the exact syntax the game wanted you to use.  Responses were always something like: 'You cannot pick up sword', or 'You cannot move left.'


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Welcome Jon! I had an old Apple IIe. It didn't even have a hard drive, so games were slow as all get out.

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My first personal computer was a Osborne 1 with the CP/M operating system, two 5 1/4 in drives. Wordstar, SuperCalc and Dbase2. I learned how to connect an external hard drive to the Osborne that was huge compared to the floppy drives, 40 Mb. Since I was a Radio Shack hobbyist, I eventually figured how to build a computer with the DOS operating system. But I just drooled over the Alienware machines until I finally was able to buy one in 2011. Anyway, welcome to the Alienware Arena.

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Welcome aboard, Jon!


Ah, the Trash-80...what a classic machine. My first PC was an IBM PCjr., which I expanded myself in junior high with Racore enhancements (to take it up to 640K of RAM with a GIANT sidecar that had to be bolted on, as well as expanding it to a dual 5.25" floppy system and with a switch that made it 99.5% IBM PC compatible if booted in that mode). It's still at my Mom's house and still runs. :)   Soon after that, at my Dad's house (divorced parents) I got a Commodore 128. I restored it a couple of years back so that my kids could experience it, then I donated it to a genius buddy who did this with it: https://www.vice.com/en/article/wjgzk4/how-to-order-starbucks-coffee-with-a-commodore-128

Since then, I've done a ton of custom PCs, including a lot of case modding (I used to be a supermod on the Xoxide modding forums, back when it existed). If you ever get super bored, perhaps I'll dig up some old build pictures and post them here for you and the rest of the crowd.

Glad to have you here!