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This War of Mine[Free courtesy of Polish Government]

Kuang Grade Mark Eleven
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The game has been added to the official school reading list in Poland and is, therefore, free to download!

This War of Mine presents the war from the perspective of civilians. As a group of them, you are trying to survive in a besieged city and deal with the constant danger or lack of food and medicine. The one-in-a-kind experience can be yours now, without any additional cost.

Recently, the Polish government has approved This War of Mine as a complementary teaching supplement in the form of a video game. Everyone can download the title from the official Polish government website and play it for free!

How to download This War of Mine for free

To get your DRM-Free copy of the game, go to this GOV.PL page. It is the official Polish government website. Once you are there, scroll down and click on the "POBIERZ GRĘ" button. It looks like that:

Now you will be redirected to the download page. After downloading the 2.7GB file, you can install the game. Upon the first launch, it will be available in Polish, but the official files include a few localization packs. You might be able to apply them to your game and change its language.

The Polish government may come after you:

"Gra „This War of Mine” jest dostępna tylko dla uczniów i nauczycieli w Polsce chcących skorzystać z gry na lekcjach języka polskiego, etyki lub wiedzy o społeczeństwie. Jakiekolwiek dalsze udostępnianie, odsprzedawanie, używanie w celach komercyjnych, umieszczanie na serwisach do udostępniania plików jest surowo zabronione."
The game "This War of Mine" is available only to students and teachers in Poland who want to use the game in Polish language, ethics or social studies lessons. Any further sharing, reselling, commercial use, or posting on file sharing sites is strictly prohibited.

Want to support the developers and own it on gaming platforms such as Steam? You can see offers for This War of Mine from dozens of digital stores below:

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